Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aleon Craft >> The Prologue

<a href="http://aleoncraft.bandcamp.com/album/the-prologue-pt-2">The Prologue Pt. 2 by Aleon Craft</a>

I haven't actually focused this blog on anything predominantly hip-hop oriented thus far. Sure it's influence is felt throughout my usual postings, but in my general method of genre focus (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) I tend to stick to my faves at the time I was still digging in one style, while exploring other genres for fresh sounds... In my experience, I can't really absorb as much if I focus on, say, more than 3 distinct genres at a time. At any rate, I've definitely been hearing new hip-hop on the regular, but I haven't made it my mission to unearth new sounds in quite awhile. I intend on changing this starting today. (Today's whole Guru tragedy, as well, seems to give this decision some added weight.)

Enter Aleon Craft on a wave of cosmic soul, with carefully and pleasingly blended elements of sampladelic funk, relaxed backpack flows (but still rough edges in all the right places), and lyrical astrology that's as strong of a keystone as you're going to find to hold it all together. At once fresh and familiar, this (SMKA produced effort) is definitely made for good times outside and makes life a bit more vibrant when this is your roving soundtrack.

Grab the Prologues (1 & 2) via Aleon Craft's Bandcamp page.