Tuesday, March 24, 2009

R.I.P. Eddie Bo

This might seem a little out of place on my blog, but Eddie Bo is someone that anyone who has a love of funky and soulful music should be aware of. He's not only influenced many contemporary greats over a broad span of style and genre, but his tracks have been directly used in many dance and DJ circles, such as DJ Shadow, The Chemical Brothers and Plump DJs, to name a few.

I also got to work with this man on a regular basis while I was a sound tech/stage hand at a bar on Bourbon Street many years ago. Eddie was one of the most warm and disarming personalities you could ever meet, and man could he wail on a piano!

Eddie will be missed.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Avenue >> Can You Feel It (Soda Boys Remix)

While the original (by Avenue) isn't exactly my preferred flavor of pop, all the more reason to appreciate the rework done here by Soda Boys. I can imagine this unleashed on more than a few unsuspecting parties, and just feel the temperature rise as the song chugs along, fueled by vocoded dancefloor fury.

Avenue >> Can You Feel It (Soda Boys Remix)

Discontent Radio >> March 2009

I've been away... Working mostly, but I'm trying to dedicate more time to music/photography and the blog

Here's a new mix set to take you through the rest of March
It ain't flawless, but it's definitely indicative of the stuff I'm playing out currently
Clocking in at just under an hour:

MARCH 2009 (zShare)

MARCH 2009 (MassMirror)


01 La Roux - In For The Kill (Heartbreak Remix)
02 IllStM ft. Hanny - All Classy For Me
03 Shinichi Osawa - Detonator (Herve's UXB Remix)
04 Phantoms - Shrimp & White Wine
05 WLL SMTH - Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Mustard Pimp Remix)
06 Luna Twist - Look Out (Kistov Remix)
07 BNTY KLLA - Stand Firm (Headshotboyz Remix)
08 Hostage - Murder Rocket
09 Love You Long Time - All Night (Teen Wolf Remix)
10 LNLY ISLND - I'm on a Boat (Kue's Tugboat Fix)
11 Example - Girl Can't Dance (Don Diablo Remix)
12 Mr. Pher - Sex Majik (Kraymer Remix)
13 FRNZ FRDNAND - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
14 Mr. Oizo - Erreur Jean (Arveen & Misk Remix)
15 Shazam - Pool Party 2009 (Headman's Revlover Remix)
16 Totally Michael - Casual Satisfaction (Scottie B Remix)
17 Pablo Decoder - Blow (Kaysh Remix)
18 Chase & Status - Saxon (OH SNAP!! Edit Stylee)
19 Steed Lord - You (Owl Vision's Dark Gothic Remix)
20 FRNKI VLLI - Beggin' (Dirty Basement's Housier then Pilooski edit)
21 LDYHWKE - Paris is Burning (Automatic Panic vs DJ Cat NYC Remix)
22 LDACRIS - One More Drink (Loud Party Remix)
23 Hot Pink Delorean - Get It Girl
24 Disco Weirdos - Half a Pill
25 Fagget Fairys - Feed the Horse (Original Mix)
26 Shadow Dancer - Lower Left
27 Disco Wizards - Wiz Pig
28 Mr. Miyagi - We Are Back ft. Storvreta Hustlers
29 Madera Limpia - La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
30 Sammy Bananas - Ooh Bop
31 Bo$$ in Drama - Favorite Song (Blood Shake Remix)
32 N.A.S.A. - A Volta ft. Sizzla, Amanda Blank & Lovefox (Database Remix)
33 Glass Candy - Geto Boys (Leif Remix)
34 Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You (Juxx Remix)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kid Cudi >> The Prayer

I was sitting here, thinking about Charlie, and found this Kid Cudi track... All I can say is this hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't do sappy crap like song dedications (hello? Delilah?! I had to listen to that drivel at an old job. Misery in sonic form.) but if there was ever a song I could dedicate, it's this one for Charlie.

You are not forgotten.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lily Allen >> The Fear (AP vs DJ Cat NYC Remix)

Definitely one of the more schizophrenic remixes I've heard in a bit... This Automatic Panic vs DJ Cat NYC remix of Lily Allen is all over the place, from I'm-feelin-those-Mitsubishis-NOW rave madness, to acid soaked disco hi-hats, to a brief love affair with breakbeat, and progressivey pads to wash it all down.

Lily Allen >> The Fear (AP vs DJ Cat NYC Remix) (zShare)
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