Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dude, Where's Your Unicorn?

After my gig with Lazer Sword on Friday night, it occurred to one of the other DJs (Erik aka Unicorn Fukr) was missing his mascot... It's a 3 foot tall plush unicorn that the crowd usually takes pictures of in various horrible (usually odd sexual) positions.

So we're starting a campaign to reach out to the Unicornappers and see if they might rethink their thieving lives.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warmin' up for Sub|Surface tomorrow night! (mini-mix)

Rek's Sub Surface Warmup Mix 03 18 2010 by rekanize

Tracklisting to come, stay tuned!

This is a hasty mini-mix to get you geared up for tomorrow nights madness!

use the discount code "FamilyDiscount" get the ticket for 10$

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SAMPLES >> Bump Up Yo Step (WMC 2010 Promo Mix)

Bump Up Yo Step (WMC 2010 Promo Mix) by bensamples

Samples WMC 2010 Promo Mix
1. Samples - Trouble
2. Samples - Breathe In
3. Samples - Skyscraper
4. Rigorous Intuition - EnCee
5. Ludacris - How Low (Samples Remix)
6. Samples - Naughty Naughty
7. Samples - Tourmaline
8. Samples - Hit the Club
9. No Doubt - Hella Good (Samples Remix)
10. 36 Mafia - Dope Boy Fresh (Samples Remix)
11. Samples - Goose (Lil Jon - Act a Fool)
12. Numan - 7th Key (501 Remix)
13. Samples & Crowdrock - Fallen
14. Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (Samples Remix)

SUB | SURFACE: Lazer Sword, Mux Mool, Gladkill, REKANIZE, Unicorn Fukr -- 3/19/2010, New Orleans

Winter Circle Productions and Action Packer Pro present...
SUBlSURFACE (underground.bass.culture) feat...

This night is going to be HUGE!!

Lazer Sword:

Lazer Sword is the duo of san francisco based LOW LIMIT and LANDO KAL. we like to make music that sounds like your favorite top 40 rap shit chopped up into a tornado filled with razor blades and molasses. or maybe like Frank Zappa rocking the home made Lil John tank-top at the rooftop party... its fun to make and hopefully to listen to as well.

Mux Mool:

Brian Lindgren’s life in music began in Minnesota with a cheap toy sampling keyboard (“I remember being so fascinated by how much a sound changed when you dropped it down several octaves”). Flash forward a few years (and more than a few keyboards), and the teenage Lindgren began recreating his favorite sounds—Dilla’s stutter-step beats, classic video-game music, abstract electronic noise—using software and digital effects, glazing them with tape hiss and vinyl static. An early Mux Mool track, the slinky strut of “Lost and Found,” was discovered by Moodgadget Records and released on their Rorschach Suite compilation, eventually finding its way onto iTunes’ Best of 2006 Electronic list. A string of EPs, tracks, and remixes followed, including the song-a-day project Drum EP, the grimy talkbox anthem “Night Court” on the Ghostly International/[Adult Swim] comp Ghostly Swim in 2007, and the Ritalin-fueled “Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom” on 2009’s Moodgadget-curated Nocturnal Suite on Ghostly. Mux Mool’s 2010 full-length debut, SKULLTASTE, is the culmination of years of toil and experimentation, gathering Lindgren’s myriad talents and obsessions into one gloriously sprawling document.


Michael Garfield:

“Super intense and completely focused…his attention to detail
consistently raised the quality bar.”
- Christopher Gaspar, playordownload.com

“Totally unique.”
- Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident, Zilla, EOTO)

Reflecting his years as a scientific illustrator, Michael Garfield’s
improvised freehand live paintings are a field guide to the beings that emerge at the energetic nexuses of live music. Each piece grows according to an evolving visual genome, translated from the throb of the house and the crowd into cross-sections of fireworks and undersea faeries, closed-eye tesselations and luminous fossils…vivid scenes of unabashed intensity, a celebration of verdant and exultant imagery written in the natural language of dreams.

Having only been at it for two years, Michael has painted in a legendary range of situations – from basement dance clubs to field concerts in front of 5000-person crowds – and alongside internationally renowned visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Kris D, J Garcia, and Mars-1. He was a featured visual artist at the Wakarusa, Sonic Bloom, Rothbury, Global Sound Conference, Trinumeral, Gem & Jam, Burning Man, and Rocky Mountain Crystallization Festivals, and spends much of his free time as de facto journalist and organizer for the growing live art community.

Check out his work, read the stories behind each painting, and connect at all the primo social networks:


http://maysmachete.blogspot.com/2009/02 ... inter.html

use the discount code "FamilyDiscount" get the ticket for 10$

Monday, March 15, 2010

SPLATINUM >> Der Schplatzl 2010

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/der-schplatzl-2010">Intro by SPLATINUM</a>

Thanks in part to the Glitch Hop Forum, I was able to touch base with SPLATINUM, and what they sent for my perusal was STRAIGHT HEAT...

This Daly City release has replaced my car's normal supply of gasoline, and I've been able to propel myself using massive crunky bass. Seriously, do yourself a favor and grab this while you still can, and be on the lookout for the upcoming digital release of the full tracks for your mixing pleasure
(dropping April 20).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinosaurs w/ Lazers are better than M.A.S.K. any day of the week

Dinosaurs w/ Lazers are better than M.A.S.K. any day of the week (03/07/2010) by rekanize

Frsh Prnc vs. Vibesquad - Fresh Glitch of Bel Air (MiishMash Mashup)
Blunt Instrument - Crumpled Funk
L.A. Diamond - Bounce
Luda - Rockstar (J.Me.J Bottom End Fix)
Fredo ft. A.S.M. - Ent Wot Yo
C4mp Lo - Luchini (TateLaRock and TroubleMaker Remix)
Quade - Neon Raver Genome
DZY RSCL vs. N3PTUNZ - Fix Up Like This (Adam John Remix)
CHNGEE - Rite Thrrr (Jantsen Edit)
MSY EL10T - Work It (Lunice Remix)
William Breakspear vs. SixAM - Vowel Mouthed
An-ten-nae - Citoyen du Monde (Ghislain Poirier & Face T Remix)
Friday Night - P.S.R. (Greetings From Tuskan Remix)
Opiuo - The Freaky Bean
Samples - Hody
BLCKSTR33T - No Diggity (Ill-Esha Remix)
+Verb - 88 Cadolaccco
Libton - r3ach 4 th3 laz3rz
Bartlomein - Average Looking Cookies

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Schlachthofbronx - Ayoba (Top Billin Remix) + Remix EP release!

Schlachthofbronx "Ayoba" Featuring Spoek & Gnucci Banana (Top Billin Remix) by MANRECORDINGS

In case there was any doubt, I'm a huge fan of Schlachthofbronx, and during a bit of blog neglect on my part (for everyone), they've been makin' moves that are no small feats. Happily though, as I'm getting back into the swing o' tings, it just so happens that their Ayoba Remix EP is dropping. To makes things better, Top Billin has released their remix for free (via Soundcloud, download link in on the player above) Of course, if you haven't peeped the orrrrrriginal, check that out below.

Schlachthofbronx "Ayoba" feat. Spoek + Gnucci Banana by MANRECORDINGS

PLUS, Juno has the rest of the remixes to peep and purchase!
Preview the rest of the EP here!

Stumbling @ work can yield unexpected rewards